Fun things to learn!!
Revitalize your creativity! A week just something else on your mind, in a pleasant atmosphere. Have some time to come to your self, and engage in a variety of activities.

That is the idea of the Summerschool
The contents can vary from photography, theater, yoga to brewing beer.
You may think of groups up to 10 people, who’ll stay in double rooms.
The aim is to offer an affordable course, of a good content and quality, but without an overkill of hours. In the end it is vacation!
The courses are taught by teachers, professionals and artists. People who like to work with groups, and do not work for the grand prize.
During the week you will be culinary induldged by our “chef” Frank!

On this page you will follow the Summerschools developments.

Further information on transport (car parts, train) follows after contact.

If you are interested, please contact:

+33470436974 /