Medical and/or Relax
In Auvergne there are several spas,  mostly from the 18th century, where the” beau monde”  used to get cures or let themselves indulge. In Bourbon-Lancy, 5 km from les Gerolles, there is an old thermal complex with an extensive range of treatments for various ailments.

A park with exotic trees, a Grand Hotel that lost some of its grandeur, large villas around a picturesque square, all of it breathes the atmosphere of a bygone era. All in all, also a
bit faded glory, but that makes it not less pretty.

Bourbon-Lancy calles itself ‘ville d’eau’, spa, because of the mineral waters that are bubbling from the bottom.

Borvo, the Gallic god of the sources, was the namesake of Bourbon-Lancy.
The spring water from 46 ° C to 60 ° C used to be a refuge for infertile women. It would stimulate fertility. Catherine de Medici had certainly not to complain. She was blessed with ten children after a visit to the sources. However, this wonderful effect is no longer in the advertising concept.

The Baths
The Spa is specialized in treatments against Rheumatism, Arthritis, Fibromyalgia and Cardiovascular disease. There are several treatment programs.
The spa refers you to the tourist office for accommodation, but how about Les

If you are interested, please contact me. I can find you information about specific
possibilities. Consult your your health insurance for a compensation. A reference of
a general practitioner is necessary. The spa closed from December to April.


Le Celtô
Besides the spa since 2005 a recreational facility called Celto le, for those who like
look at the sauna and wants to swim in warm thermal water. You can use a (simple) sauna, hammam, jacuzzi and pool with thermal water (33 degrees).
The entrance fee is € 16. Not included are dozens of massages and treatments.